Franklin Douglas/ February 12, 2018/ Video Poker

Yeah, I’d say that video poker has the edge, and for the main reason that I preach about in every book, video, radio or TV show, and at every seminar I give: It ain’t important how much you win in gambling; it’s how little you lose that is important!

No, you don’t have to memorize that message because I’m going to give it to you over and over. It is the knowledge of this statement that turned my gambling days around, many moons ago, and I’ve been gambling since the Goddess of Love (Venus) was a virgin.

Day after day I would get ahead, and day after day I would go broke. I was always thinking about how much I would win, never dreaming that the important thing was how little I lost. When my bankroll was gone, off I would go to a downtown casino to work as a shill for ten bucks a day. How else could I raise money to get into the next game? It soon hit me that when 1 lost all my money at a session, I had nothing to get into the next phase of action with. Hence the implementing of loss limits!

Voila! The losses were kept to a minimum on those days when things were going bad. The more I concentrated on cutting losses, the better the results were on the days that I had a decent starting bankroll. The wins were small but consistent and were never swallowed by the losses, which were kept small.

This brings me to the crux of this chapter which games to play. In a roundabout way, I was telling you the tremendous importance of cutting losses, which answers the question of this chapter. Yes, video poker is better then slots because the chances of losing big amounts in video poker are less than the chances of losing big amounts at the slots.

In online slots, for instance, you can get 100 coins back for three red 7s or three blue 7s or any combo of three 7s or 80 coins for three certain symbols or 50 coins for three bars, and so on. In other words, you have a lot of different situations where you get decent returns, but only if you insert 3 coins. That’s a heavy load for the player to have to consistently bang 3 coins into action for every pull. They soon get wiped out, if no decent payoff is realized.

In video poker, you don’t have to insert 3 or 5 (max) coins to get a payoff. You can put in 1 coin and if a straight, flush, or full house appears, you get paid the amount listed as a payoff. The fact that a single pair of Jacks or better returns your bet keeps you alive for a long time at a video poker machine. Overall, you lose less over a similar period of time than you would at a slot machine. You figure to lose less at video poker, even though the chances of a royal flush are rotten.

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