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Let’s go, folks! DAY 2! One DAY 2 more! Step by step As in all tournaments we do… the first step is concluded DAY 2 Now the strategy is the ITM, trying to reach an ITM I had a good game I passed with 70 blinds with almost 60,000 chips Blind returns in 400-800 And the most important thing now is to keep focus Keep the perception I guess my perception about the other players is really good I’m being able to distinguish each player profile Playing a different game at boku casinos with each one of them And this is a tournament where this skill is really important.

Because there’s a 100-minute blind So you spend a lot of time playing the same blind with the same people More than the usual So I think that the capacity of understanding one kind of profile Adapting yourself… adequate to each one of them during this 100-minute blind It’s the smartest way to play against each one of them I did it very well yesterday It was a very calm day for me Although there were some shortcomings that I’ve analyzed in the end of the day And I realized I made mistakes in some hands It’s part of the game, it happens They weren’t critical decisions, they didn’t mess up my stack very much I could’ve been better But it’s okay!

Let’s go! One DAY 2 more! There’s no reason to be bad Let’s go! Now the focus is on the ITM. What’s up, guys?

I’m playing “The Marathon” DAY 2 today A different tournament with 1-hour-and-40-minute blind where many Brazilian are in I busted yesterday, practically, in the final DAY 2 blind of Millionaire Maker Taking the 277th place A tournament that pays $1,200,000 for its champion The biggest prize besides the main event Besides those pretty expensive tournaments, of course, In these regular ones, that charges $1,500, it was a pitty… The one who busted me was another Brazilian… Thiago Grigoletti, a friend of mine Many people sent me a lot of messages asking, because they saw my hand Asking: – Did he pay you with 97 and it ended up busting you? – You had AK The hand was really normal I was already short, I had already lost a big pot before So, as I was short and he had already raised When I set ALL-IN, and he didn’t know the hand I had, he was obligated to pay Because I set an ALL-IN from 7 blinds only, so his call was normal Before that we had already got involved in some hands I’d already beaten him with an ALL-IN with AT against JJ that has beaten A He’d already beaten me with an ALL-IN with 9T, I had 99 that has beaten T I was right on his left It means that, practically, it wouldn’t be inevitable to not get involved in some hands Even when you play with Brazilian players, the game remains the same You must play normally, you must raise, you must re-raise, you must shove if it’s necessary Any other thing than this, represents collusion And when I busted, the first thing I did was sent him a message wishing GL Kill them! I’m rooting for you! He’s there, playing DAY 3 now He’s passed with 80 people left I’m sending him all the good vibes, let’s go Brazil! Being on the table, it’s every man for himself.

We must play the game! But after I busted, let’s keep Brazil in our head and always cheering! GL Grigoletti, kill them! I hope you can win this bracelet because tomorrow I want to be there watching FT We were playing in 6 Then 1 busted and we ended up in 5 We kept playing, dude!

Then a little fat guy arrived late, asking: – Dude, are you doing? – What do you mean? We’re playing!

– You can’t play this tournament in 5. – I want my chips back! Who has won my blind chips? He called the floor, dude!

Because this tournament can’t be played in 5 You know? But what did the floor do? He said: – Buddy, are you lost? – GL, Buddy Then he started: – Floor, floor, floor! – Look what drugs make with a guy. – You mean, heavy drugs, right?

He’s crazy! DAY 1, okay… but DAY 2? What game is it? The guy arrives late and he wants his chips back? – Like… Man you’re late, you don’t even know what you’re doing! Dude!

And they are strict here, there’s no way! Floors are really good here! – Dude!

– They’re really strict! – Dude! I raised my AA there! There was a call that the guy lost and started running away, dude!

Then another guy came and exposed his cards, because it was showdown A floor was passing by and said: – If someone has seen it in camera, I’ll have to take you out of the tournament. What happened? The guy set an ALL-IN call and then he just stood up and ran away But he left all the cards, but they were on a side One guy took his cards and revealed showdown then the floor was passing by and then he said: – What’s happening there? Why are you touching these cards? – Well, no! – Dude, if someone is invigilating it from upstairs – and calls me over the radio, you’re out of the tournament, dude!

– You can’t touch the cards, dude! – Can’t you touch your adversaries cards? – Yeah! – That’s craziness! Showdown is allowed, but I’ve already seen guys that doesn’t want to show them They muck them Then you call the floor then this guy gets a penalty!

You can’t just do it – You can ask dealer to turn the cards! – Of course! – Yeah!

– But you’re not allowed to touch them! – Oh, I got it! – But if I touch them, Am I kicked out of the tournament?

– Well, I guess that being kicked out is too much… – That’s a heavy penalty! – For instance, one who has no background, that’s unfair! – Like he said: You can be kicked out of the tournament! – You can be… – Yeah, you can be, so… – He took a turn penalty, because he was looking his cards, thinking… I’m going to fold! – Showing to the other guy, what he had in hands – Showing what he had in hands hoping to get any tell.

– Then that guy probably had already taken a look and said: – Come on, one penalty turn for you! They’re coming back now, there are more three in the bathtub watching They’ll ease, for sure! But in Brazil they also play heavy, dude! They really play it hard, dude! – 3 hands and 1 turn, dude! Dude, you can’t commemorate first… Well, look the commemoration That one that guys hit their hands… …That stuff of getting to the river and take the card… – That’s tough!

– I never won a turn! – What’s up Gustavão? – Hey! – Are you okay? – I’m okay!

– Damn! – Is this your dinner? This is my dinner break! Damn, I busted in “The Marathon”…

I busted in a crazy hand… like… Actually, that guy played very well! He killed my hand! Destroyed! I could recognize that at the moment I busted, then I said: I told him: – Parabéns, irmão! He was the most active guy on the table with around 150 blinds Right there in the beginning of the hand He opened with cutoff, I re-raised button, I had red JJ.

I re-raised button. Well, my effective were 38, 40 blinds… He called, pre flop Flop 752 with 2 of hearts 72 of hearts… 752 with flush draw in hearts I had JJ with J of hearts He checked and I c-bet Then, when I c-bet already 3-bet, I got around 29 blinds behind The effective was mine, he had million chips Then he didn’t think so much and set ALL-IN I thought, thought a lot… and then I said… Dude, the hand combination he had with draw, combo draw, most of the times, I can only find an over… maybe he had A8 of hearts A6 of hearts, A9 of hearts or AT of hearts It can be KQ of hearts, that could be bad for me Because if he’s holding 2 over and flush draw Well, in this case, he’d be way ahead than me 55-45 to him, if he had 2 overs If he didn’t have 2 overs, I’d be ahead I also thought about that small chance of being 88, 99, TT Which means 3 hands over pair on the flop, that wouldn’t make any difference if he did that to me because of the stack, right? To squeeze me… So, there were a lot of hand combinations that I’d win that I felt good I tanked to pay, but I was decided to pay Then I called, I called happily, you know?

I called, JJ then I looked at him… He said: – Boa mão, cara! KK with a red K, then I looked at him and said: – O quê?

Then he put a grin on his face Turn 6, river 4, also without hearts… nothing’s changed. I looked at him and said: – Parabéns, irmão! Boa mão! That guy simply destroyed me! He played well, he killed me.

If he bet pre flop, probably I’d fold Because there was a guy… He hadn’t given any four bet, you know, it was like… It’d be a dynamic… I also didn’t know if I’d fold… but there was a chance to fold if he four bet me, because the tournament structure is really good… 100-minute blind I could’ve folded, but I didn’t know if I’d fold… but I could… But the way he played his hand, simply hanged me Well, the good news is… as soon as I busted I started a 1,000 Omaha Omaha that isn’t the house specialty, but we can be tough I’m big! I’m big!

Blind now returns 250-500 and I have 45,000… one 4-blind level left to start thinking of a DAY 2 again Let’s go Gustavão! Who knows? Maybe we get it! It’ll explode now!

I guess it doesn’t pass from now… there’s no way, dude! I guess it’ll explode in the table 110, the one over there! – Acabou! – It’s over!! Didn’t I tell you that?

I told you it’d explode, dude! That old man had 1 blind… his hand is raised, look over there! Look over there! The guy with a microphone in hands, look!

Let the game starts… Big corn cob! Let the game starts, ear of corn! Look the guy over there! Poor bubble guy! Play it! Nós estamos todos no dinheiro!

Let the game starts, corn cob! Parabéns, vocês já estão no dinheiro! … … That’s it! Gustavão, DAY 2…

I rested a lot I’ve slept very well! I’m focused! One DAY 2 more and this is a little bit more special Omaha, as I already have a WSOP circuit ring now I want a bracelet to get a pair The strategy for today is… starting shooting, because Omaha is shooting!

Pick good hands, range… choose a good range Get a good stack, a stack with 45 blinds, so my range is slightly opened And use the position, right? Position is everything in Omaha! Let’s go, folks! Good DAY 2 for us! – Para os brasileiros!

– Legal! – Diga “oi” para os brasileiros! – Ei pessoal, como estão? If this man is on my side, it’s already over, folks! I want to congrat Thiago Grigoletti, he’s just placed in the 8th place One more final table to Brazil! Excellent result!

8th place tasting good the prize is high, because this is Millionaire Maker, paying $1,200,000 for its champion Maybe he’s feeling sad to bust now, but when he realizes he’ll see the size of the result and how good it was Now let’s check Foster over there, who’s 60 left in “Omaha” And I’ll start Deuce to 7 Triple Draw Let’s go Gustavão! Where’s Garridão? – He’s playing.

– Is he playing? – Yeah! One dinner break more!

Dinner break DAY 2, dude! – I’m too focused! – How many left? I’m playing very well!

34 left, dude! Gosh, my bracelet has never been so close, dude! – Ops, on 6-MAX I busted! – It has already been closer! Yeah! I’ve already been closer, yeah!

I mean, in this year… in this trip… Damn, I busted in 6-MAX dinner break in 53th… …it was in this dinner break, so I’ve already passed this goddamn dinner break! I’m there, man! I’m giant! I have 300,000 now I just got a nice hand I have 300,000 and blind returns in 2,500-5,000 so I have 60 blinds to work I’ll rest now, because there’s only 1 hour left Actually, there are only 46 minutes to relax my back And the thing I really want is the popcorn Where’s the popcorn? Ta-da!

There’s no way out now! What’s up, guys! Everything’s fine? I’ve being receiving numerous messages from lots of people asking me: “- When it is going to happen the next LineUp888 class!?

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