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This is my twelfth book on gambling, and if you have read any of the others, you’ll note they all have one thing in common: the things you need to win. I break down my books in exactly the same fashion, because if the information is good for one game, it’s good for all.

My books have six parts in them, and each part contains chapters that apply to that particular message. The first part, which you are in now, is an introduction to the game I’m writing about, in this case, video poker. I try to give you a little insight into what the game is all about.

The sixth part is “Odds and Ends” and goes over the little things that people tend to overlook in their mental approach to the game they choose to bet on. In between these two parts are tour parts that address the four things that apply to all gambling endeavors.

For the lack of a more glamorous title, I call these four it ems: the Big Four! (Mr. And Mrs. Patrick did not raise a genius, blessed with catchy contributions to the literary world.)

Anyhow, I’ve listed these items, which you should already realize are the things you need to compete intelligently:

  • Bankroll
  • Knowledge of the Game
  • Money Management
  • Discipline

I shouldn’t have to explain what each of these are, because you should already be aware of them because you have already read all eleven previous books. But for the three or four of you who have not ventured through my past masterpieces, I’ll bring you up to date:

  • Bankroll: This is the amount of money you bring to bat tle, regardless of the amount.
  • Knowledge of the Game: This is knowing every single solitary thing there is to know about the game you are playing.
  • Money Management: To put it in a sentence that even my friend N. A. Fogg can grasp, “Money management is knowing what to bet after a win and what to bet after a loss.”
  • Discipline: It’s the guts to set and follow loss limits and win goals, which should be set before you place your size 13s onto the casino floor.

There you have the groundwork for your day.

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