Franklin Douglas/ September 30, 2018/ Slot Games

Are you on? ok, Hey guys! Dutch Slot Player here. Uhm, I am in Las Vegas, it is Friday afternoon and I am happy because I got an email today… … actually I got it yesterday, but I saw it today. Uhm, from the Lucky Nugget, I eh I play there a little bit and I got some holiday cash.

I am going to take $100 of my own and then I have $550 in holiday money, so I am going to use that as well. So a total of $650, hopefully we are going to walk away “a winner” today, that be great! But ehm That’s what we are going to do. But… first, I am going to go to Starbucks Let me show you something… so I am near the Starbucks and look… this is the drive-thru line. Right here All these people are in line, to get their crack..

I mean coffee! And… I don’t know why they do that! Because there is a better way.. ..a quicker way, an easier way.. All you got to do is download the app order your coffee walk in and you will, within seconds… well. within a minute you will have your coffee!

Sir! Thank you, sir. I don’t really have a slot machine strategy But what I do, do.. When I win a little bit, like I said before I don’t consider that money, my money until I leave So sometimes I will take my winnings and be brave and go and play a little higher limit to try and use my former winnings as a building block and sometimes that works, and sometimes that results in disappointment You know there is a slot machine that everybody is really crazy about right now called Cleopatra II Which is.. an insane machine that can pay-off insane Insanely high pay-outs, when you hit a good bonus. But.. I have had some really really bad, bad and sad bonuses on there as well Simply.. plain dissapointing especially on a higher limit, that’s really not a lot of fun And.. You know..

But it does happen And then eh.. sometimes you hit a big one! So it all depends! So we have to go to the Identity Desk Which is the name of the rewards program here at the Cosmo And supposedly I can redeem my free play over there.. Let’s go and check that out So it turns out, it is actually cash, they give you a voucher with your point balance and all that, and from there the amount will be on there, $550 in my case All you got to do it go to the cage and they’ll give you cash

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